Medical Marijuana Card

Get a medical recommendation from a qualified physician from the comfort of your home. Request your appointment with a qualified physician here. A medical marijuana card or MMJ card will give you safe access to medicinal cannabis in San Diego. If you are looking to get a medical marijuana card (MMJ) in San Diego here is what you need to know:

In order to be eligible to apply for a card, you need a consultation with a doctor to see if medical marijuana is for you. Qualifying conditions range from and are not limited to insomnia, chronic pain, arthritis, cancer, ADD, ADHD, AIDS, depression and others. Once your doctor determines that you can benefit from using medical marijuana, you will get what is called a doctor recommendation for using cannabis.

In fact, the doctor recommendation in san diego, along with you CA ID, is all you need to legally benefit from the wonders of this green miracle. You don’t need to get or apply for a formal Marijuana Medical Card which puts you on a governmental database.

Finding a trustworthy California medical board licensed medical marijuana doctor in San Diego can be a hassle. Then you have to make an appointment in order to get an evaluation. This altogether can take too much time and hassle. There is now the possibility of getting a MMJ doctor recommendation without even having leave your home with the use of technology. You can now schedule a convenient online appointment, and get a medical marijuana evaluation through a webcam consultation in minutes!

Online medical marijuana consultations is the new fast and convenient way of getting a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation in San Diego. Beware of the clinics and offering online who offer this service, and are practicing with expired licenses. Or non-physician owned clinics. As their medicinal cannabis recommendations are invalid.

After getting your condition evaluated and approved, you will get a letter from your certified marijuana doctor stating the recommendation of medical cannabis to treat your illness. This letter of recommendation will have the patients name, a verification code and a website or phone number to check validity.

By having the doctor’s marijuana recommendation with you and a valid CA resident ID, you will be in full compliance of Prop. 215, sb 420 the “Compassionate Use Act”. At this point you can either choose to use your doctor’s recommendation to get safe access to your meds or you can continue the process of getting a MMJ identification card.

The application process of the MMJ card will cost extra, take more time and you might have to disclose personal information with the federal government. According to Cal. Health and Saf. Code 11362.71. (f) it is not necessary for a person to obtain an identification card. So as long as you are a qualified patient with a valid CA medical cannabis and ID you are all set!

This important document will allow you to get medical marijuana from authorized collectives or “dispensaries” for a donation amount since these collectives are non-profit. You will have to physically go to the dispensary, join the collective by filling some forms and then you will get access to a wide variety of medical marijuana products, ranging from flowers to edibles. It all depends in your personal needs.

For your convenience as a patient, we recommend the medical marijuana delivery in San Diego, as this is the easiest way of getting medical cannabis right to your doorstep. Just by sending a photo of your MMJ recommendation and CA ID, you will receive your order in minutes!